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Marketing Plan For Optical Practice Growth

An Optical practice without a marketing plan is a charity case.

Optical Practices starting up a new brand or redesigning their practice should know making plans doesn’t only include store and services to be rendered and price lists. In addition, An Optical practice should not have a marketing plan missing.        “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.                 – Peter F. Drucker. ‘Juice Opticians’ is an imaginary optical practice and as well will be used frequently for examples.

There are various marketing plans for optical practice to grow; below are the top to follow-

1. Map Out Your Target Audience –

Every optical practice knows matter that concerns the eyes doesn’t include just adults but kids, but then it’s important to be specific on your target audience. For instance, ‘JUICE OPTICIANS’ Located in England, Target audience are mapped out in order below- ● Age= 25-65 Years ● Work standard- Bankers, Lawyers, Engineers, Media Experts etc. ● location- Manchester From the above illustration, it’s obvious ‘Juice Opticians’ is only focused on doing business with rich professional adults in Manchester and works towards that target audience, however, it will work out for them if their services are well pleasing to their target audience.

2. List Out Your Services –

To efficiently market your services, you therefore need to describe your services to your audience. It’s important to be quite specific in listing the services your practice offers and the services it doesn’t offer for clarity purposes. Map out what it will take to offer this service in terms of time, staff, expertise, costs. For instance, Juice Opticians Offers the following services- ● Medical Eye checkup 10 am to 2 pm from Monday to Fridays only ● 20% Discount on Eye checkups every last Friday of the month ● VIP medical services include free eyewear from catwalk eyewear and two staff assistants during services ● A Juice Opticians Shirt to customers when you buy more than three products from the store. ● 10% off when you refer a friend or family. From the above services, you’ll notice the practice has been able to list out their services and attract customers by marketing their promotions involved.

3. Active Social Media Accounts –

As an optical practice, having various social media handles is very important as the world has now become entirely digital and vast. For example ‘Juice Opticians is active on- ● Instagram ● Tik Tok ● Facebook ● Twitter ● LinkedIn etc. They are also very active in writing blogs with exciting tips on eyes health. From the above seen, On all social media handles, they frequently advertise their practice, bring it out in a positive light, and use influencers and promotions, which is however good for business. Social media is a potent marketing tool and an essential part of a marketing business plan.

4. Frequent Email Promotions-

Email marketing is a vital marketing tool that most businesses usually miss out on; sending out emails with feedback surveys and promotional pictures and videos about your practice to your new and existing clients goes a long way in promoting your practice. However, Email marketing has over time, proved stress and cost free for businesses; a practice that consistently sends out emails speaks professionalism and begets loyalty and patronage. Read more about email marketing here –

5. Follow Up Your Competitors-

For a practice to grow, you have to ensure you follow up with your competitors. HOW? For instance, ‘Juice Opticians competitors are Ape Opticians ‘For Juice Opticians to do better than Ape Opticians, They have to follow up the best blogs, keywords and hash tags that gathers traffic for the Ape Opticians website. In addition, juice has to keep tabs on all their social media content posts and how they relate with their audience. They also have to look out for reviews from clients of Ape and what their clients love and complain about to use the critics and praise to build their practice. So, from the above example, it’s evident that you need to follow up on all your competitors to do better for yourself as an optical practice.

  In conclusion, The best hope for your practice most importantly depends on your team’s strengths and contents, which you feel your patients will enjoy the most. Having a marketing plan is one thing; having a consistent marketing team to work out is most important. STAY ALERT!

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