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Tips For a Stronger Optical Practice Recovery

Why You Need a Stronger Marketing Strategy For Your Practice During COVID?

It’s been a tough time for businesses since the Coronavirus flipped our lives upside down. From having to practice social distancing to washing our hands frequently and wearing masks. A lot has changed and there are new ways to approach your businesses and improve it.

At Raven&Macaw, we want you to worry less and help more patients. Here are key tips to help your practice get more bookings while keeping safe and maximizing your revenue where you can.

Communicating To Two Audiences

Communicating who you are to the new patients:

a. Use GoogleMyBusiness(GMB)

b. Use GoogleReviews

c. Use SEO for website ranking

d. Do More of Video Marketing

Communicating where you’re holding to existing patients

a. Follow COVID Regulation

b. Have a mobile-friendly site that is up to date

c. Use of Social Media

d. Support Your Community

How To Jumpstart Your Practice Growth?

Communicating who you are to the new patients should be more important than ever before. Due to the spread of the virus, people prefer to stay indoor to purchase online, book an appointment, and lots more. There would be no more frequent to the eye doctor and people will be looking for a practice that is very close to them.

Here are ways to make sure you are at the top of their search results.

1. Use GoogleMyBusiness

The vast majority of internet searches are done on Google, which makes it very important for your practice to be seen on Google. How to go about this is to ensure that you have a single, verified, and optimized GoogleMyBusiness profile connected to your practice website.

Ensure your GMB includes images of your practice location, phone number, staff, doctors, optical reviews, posts, and a link to your website.

2. Use Google review

Even if your GMB is all fleshed out; it needs to have reviews to complete the picture. It’s important that your reviews are numerous, up-to-date, and comes with lots of shiny, gold stars (five stars to be precise!)

3. Use SEO for website ranking

So your GMB and Reviews look good, but how well is your actual website ranking? In order to be “found” by potential patients searching the internet, your site needs to be ranking in one of the top spots on the Google search result page.

Surround yourself with strong SEO guidance. Add strong and unique content that will be interesting to your patients and get rid of old, irrelevant content to keep the site fresh and clean, so that Google ranks your site as the most up to date and resourceful in your field.

4. Do more of video marketing

This is seen as part of a solid SEO strategy and a powerful communication tool. It will boost your online presence and creates engaging content.

How To Ignite Your Practice Growth?

There’s so much information being sent out, and people are worried about what to expect next. Now is the best time to hold unto your patients. Your goal is to ensure that your patient base is up to date on the latest goings in your practice.

5. Follow COVID regulations

It’s important to let your patients know that your practice is safe and adhering to government regulations. Also, communicate any update you have to your patients using email and social media platforms.

6. Have a mobile-friendly website 

As your patient spend more time on their mobile devices, it’s important that you keep your website updated with the latest news and health topics. Make sure these changes are viewable on mobile devices, as you can lose patients if your text is too small, links are not clickable or images are looking blurry.

7. Use of social media

If there was ever a time that society got together while #stayinghome, it was now, on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok are all constantly being trolled by brands, and businesses are using these platforms to stay in contact with their customers.

Make your patients know that you care about them by responding to their comments and questions quickly on your social media platforms.

8. Support your community

Aside from showing support to your patient’s eye health, you also need to support your community’s online cause and movement. This shows that you are courteous and willing to be a part of a greater entity.

We hope these tips will help you stay communicative with your existing patients while you optimize for new patients. Drop us a comment below if you have any questions, and let us know which of the tips helped your practice towards a strong recovery.

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