Marketing a business may seem like a straight-forward process of creating content, running paid campaigns, and engaging with the audience. But, is this process enough to get sales and revenue? How can a marketer build a strong brand image that connects with the target audience and triggers a buying decision?

Potential customers convert into regular customers when they start experiencing an emotional relationship with a brand.  

Around 60% of shoppers said they buy from brands they trust and 21% said they bought because they liked the brand. 

Let’s face it, a marketer’s challenges are far more than they appear. Building a trustworthy brand is no piece of cake. It takes a strategic approach to create a distinct brand identity that stands out amidst the clutter.  

There’s always a fine line between promoting a business, and building a customer-base – it’s essential to cross that line if you wish to fulfill the marketing objectives.

Are you struggling to create a focused brand personality the creates resonance among potential buyers? Here are five powerful brand image building strategies to create an impactful brand persona that fetches long-term conversions and revenue:

[Original post by ABHISHEK TALREJA]