If you’re looking to get your brand in front of new customers, recapture lost leads,increase customer loyalty, and grow your business overall, there’s no better option than increasing your brand awareness. Every business has its own way of marketing their products, which makes it stand out, optical practices have their own unique selling point . How to determine your USP is very important.

There are 3 major steps to help you consider how to build your brand and become much more than just been a “local independent practice”

1) Establish a Unique Selling Point: As an independent eye care practitioner, establishing a USP will help distinguish and enhance the growth of your practice, thereby increasing your market profitability . USP is the basic underlining foundation to help grow your practice, so you need to nurture and pay close attention to the unique selling point that will boost your practice. If you are struggling to work out a USP for your brand, take a closer look at what your practice can offer and compare it to that of your competitors.

Explore your practice field locally and internationally by attending trade shows/fairs, surfing the internet to discover what will bring your business closer to the cutting edge of your practice. For a lot of people, a complete user experience, whether online or in store, is what will help compel them to choose/ visit your practice.Consider what your potential patients can’t get elsewhere,and what will keep them coming back to you. For instance, lens personalization can be seen as a compelling reason to revisit your practice. Being able to offer patients a personalized  pair of lenses designed to meet their visual needs can be an incredibly  form of brand value. Offer subsidized services, ask existing patients about their experiences, keep up positive conversations with your patients,it will keep them coming back.

2) Location: is a major key when you want to start a business, it will help you consider how to market your USP. Firstly, you need to discover the base level of knowledge that the people in your area have. Plan a marketing campaign that will be suitable and relatable to those in your community. A plan that utilizes a range of media such as local print publications, Social Media Ads and Campaign,to educate people.

3) Influencer Marketing: Look for online influencers within your community to help reach your targeted audience, Online influencers could be vloggers, Facebook or Instagram users with high follower-ship, who talk about every and anything that could fit within the demographics you are trying to target. Invite them in and ask them to vlog or photograph their experiences of your brand and share a story on their Facebook or Instagram page.