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Oakes Opticians

Oakes Opticians

Independent Opticians · United Kingdom

Oakes opticians is a local professional optical firm that has been in practice for 20 years.

Oakes opticians is an independent optical firm located in Huddersfield, with well equipped and standard ophthalmic technology that provides different eye care services that range from NHS eye care to glasses and eye tests.

Pain Point

Adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at Oakes Opticians were looking for ways to make up for their losses and life to go back to normal. Having tried a bit of Facebook here and there, they simply were NOT happy with the results they were getting and knew things could be much better.


We decided to rebrand the entire practice to appeal more to their target audience and revamped their static, not-for-purpose website into a brand NEW website of their dreams! We integrated their booking system to the new website and began Optimisation and Social Media and Google campaigns.

  • Appointment within a day of going live!
  • 13 appointments booked directly from the newly built website in its first month
  • Website traffic increased by 80%
  • Increased social media followings and interaction by over 75%
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