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Sloane & Co. Eyewear

Sloane and Co. Eyewear

Eyewear Manufacturing & Wholesale brand · United Kingdom

Sloane And Co eyewear is a global eyewear brand in the heart of northern England.

Sloane and co eyewear has over 20years of ophthalmic experience and clinical practice.

Pain Point

We were with Sloane & Co. from the very start, and both the online and physical store was built right from the ground up. As a brand new practice, Sloane knew that they had to fight against their competitors, and with Raven & Macaw as their Marketing Partner, they were able to do just that.


We were on hand from the start to help with everything from the branding and website to the launch of the digital marketing campaign.

  • Successful launch campaign
  • Increased awareness
  • Increased online engagement
  • Became a household name in Hale
  • Sales and bookings from day 1 of launch!
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