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Catwalk Eyewear

Catwalk Eyewear

E-commerce Eyewear Retail brand · Worldwide

Catwalk eyewear is an online eyewear outlet with a high street presence in the heart of Manchester, that deals with sunglasses and various types of glasses.

Catwalk Collections is an authorised dealer for ultimate fashion frames with sophisticated pattern styles.

Pain Point

With some traction on eBay and Amazon, Catwalk wanted to step up its game and have a new income stream. They needed to create a unique and differentiated brand to retain their high-end clients.


We didn’t stop at just recreating the whole website interface and design We also put our fantastic product photography skills to use; we did a tremendous job on the project.

  • New Stream of Revenue
  • 5% Increase in Sales Revenue within 5 months
  • Increased leads Gold Trusted Seller (eBay)
  • Increased awareness
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