Blogging is an essential aspect when it comes to marketing your optical practice, it provides a long-lasting channel to boost your reputation and generate leads. Here’s how….

 For you to run a successful optical practice, you will need business blogging. Let’s see how…

What is business blogging?

“Business blogging is a marketing tactic that uses blogging to get your business more online visibility” 1   – Corey Wainright

Reasons why it’s worth investing in optical blogs:

  1. Expertise

Whenever people need answers to their question, their first click to ask/read is Google. Billions of searches are popped into Google every day. Around one billion of these questions are based on health 2 . Narrow down to eye health, people want their questions to be answered by an expert. Answering questions around the most common eye-related issues builds trust and helps generate more customers.

  1. Visibility

The biggest part of your online presence is your website. As of January 2020, there were over 1.7 billion websites on the internet 3 . How can you get yours seen? Through Google ranking! Ranking refers to getting your web pages at the top of search results when someone asks Google about anything relating to your expertise.

Google does a thorough search categorising all websites out there. It judges every aspect of a website based on how quickly it loads, the quality of the content and how easy it is to navigate. Regular blogs provide a clear sign to Google that their website is active and their content is current. Ensure your content is of high quality, is relevant and reliable. You will rank higher and be easily found by potential customers.

  1. Reach

Blogging is one way by which you can market your content. Opticians can get their name out there through social media. Social media, like Google, demands regular and well-written content. Promoting your blog through your different social media platforms keeps your channels active and expand your reach to your audience which ultimately drives more traffic to your website.

Having a blog will boost your profile and help get more customers through your door.

If you”d like to get your optical blog started with engaging and  relevant feeds, get in touch with RavenMacaw  your digital marketing experts for the optic industry.