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Content Tips For Your Optometry Marketing Strategy

Content Tips For Your Optometry Marketing Strategy

Content marketing for optometry is about creating content that will interest your target audience and make them patronise your practice. But this is done through the digital world.

With so many potential customers online, the opportunity of your content locking them in and growing your practice is very high. However, what is more important is knowing the right audience and getting suitable content to their faces at the best time.

Below are the top content tips you should consider for your optometry marketing:

Make It Clear On Who Your Target Audience Are

Every company knows the people they are targeting/servicing and what interests them. This will give you a clear understanding of the content you should post on social media and emails with your website link to draw more traffic.

For example, if you are an optometrist dealing with children, your content should be straightforward for parents with young children whom you are sure most of them would benefit from. Creating content that educates and entertain your target audience will make them follow you on any form of social media. Through that, you get better bonding and communication with them.

Create a Consistent Marketing Plan

It would be best if you were consistent with your content marketing strategy. Concentrate on the people that will consume every content you make, the type of content, the distribution channels, and how often you post. A plan designed correctly helps the business consistently produce good content and boost the entire company.

Recent studies showed that over 60% of the most successful marketers have a well-planned and documented content strategy.

Make Everyone Aware of What Makes Your Practice Different

New practices keep popping out in the optometry industry, which means more competition. This is why it is of high essence to state your differences. Many practices in this industry have failed over the years because they didn’t define what makes them different from others.

To know what sets your practice different from others, you should ask yourself questions like:

  • What do I offer that other nearby practices don’t?
  • How many years of experience do you have over others?
  • Have you ever made an unforgettable lasting impact on any of your patients?

Chipping the answers to similar questions in your content will draw more attention to your practice.

SEO Is Key

Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO, ensures that your website pops up whenever someone searches for eye care or similar content on your website. As a result, SEO is among the best ways to reach out to a wide range of new potential customers.

It requires proper keyword searches and more relevant, consistent searches in the industry. Examples of words like Optometry, Lenses, Eyewear, Eye test/exam, etc. Ensure that visitors can easily find the information on your website. Optimising content is vital for boosting your Google SEO ranking.

Keep An Eye on The Insights

Just because you are making content that suits your taste doesn’t mean that’s it! You need to keep an eye on your content performance. This will let you know the ones working and where you need to adjust.

Google Analytics is an excellent tool to track the metrics and know what the traffic on your website looks like. Furthermore, you can check the insights on every social media platform and see how your content and overall accounts perform.

Customers Reviews Matters

So many new customers would consider buying your product or patronising you based on other people’s comments or testimonials about your website and business. Recent studies estimated that about 70% of people who shop online go through reviews before purchasing a product. These reviews will decide whether they go, “yes, I’m buying this,” or make them go, “Nah! Never mind”.

In other words, these testimonials and reviews are known as social proof because it is more like what explain to new customers to trust your website and try out your product.

Your new customers can easily be persuaded by social proof if you add features like images, text, and other essential information about your customers.

Adding this feature to your website is never a “NO”; it does a lot in converting people to potential customers. So, encourage your customers to leave comments and reviews. Moreover, it will be more encouraging if you reply or respond to every review, both positive and negative reviews.

Influencers Lead To Wider Reach


A couple of people have built a large audience and trust on social media. If you partner with these people and let them advertise and promote your products, it is among the easiest ways to reach more potential customers.

Moreover, many people buy products based on what their trusted influencers advertise. So if you get along with the right influencers for your product, your brand will be boosted to a new level.

So, first, you must know a range of recognised influencers with a trusted amount of followers apropos to what you sell.

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