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4 Digital Marketing Tips to Grow your Optical Practice Online

4 Digital Marketing Tips to Grow your Optical Practice Online

Every online business aims to become more visible on search results, drive more traffic to their website and increase their customers/users’ conversions. As an optical practitioner, you want all of these and even more. To achieve all, here are 4 digital marketing tips to help grow your optical practice online.


Blogging is an essential part of the overall digital marketing strategy. A blog is an online publication that informs your customers about several topics, usually written around specific themes. When you publish blogs, you tell your customers about particular topics that relate to your business or maybe you are just advertising your business in a detailed form. 

With a blog, you can give eye care tips, tell people about eye surgeries, eye diseases or tips on eyewear fashion. Your responsibility with a blog is to provide your website’s visitors or existing clients with information and knowledge about topics surrounding your practice. Try as much to give relevant content because that will bring more viewers and increase your chances of being on search result pages, driving more traffic to your business. 

Video Content

Videos are excellent ways to describe your products. 94 per cent of marketers say using video content has helped increase user understanding of a product or service, according to research. Customers will buy your product only when they understand what that product is and how it will help them. Video content captures attention, improves online presence, is cost-effective and builds trust and a humanised connection between your business and your customers. Most importantly, video content will increase your sales.

Using videos to advertise your products is also known as video content marketing. Videos are viral these days and one of the most common ways of marketing businesses online. In addition, there are 4 elements of video content marketing that are important to know.

  1. Identify your goals: it is known to every business owner that identifying your goals before starting a business is essential. Know what you aim to achieve, what you want for your business, who your target audience and even how much returns you want. 
  2. Audience relevance: your customers are essential to your business. Consider the type of customers you target when you create your video content.
  3. Call to action means including a word or phrase that will encourage viers to buy your product. CTA encourages immediate sales. Phrases like “Buy Now” and “Order Here” can immediately convert a viewer to a customer, increasing sales. Try these at the end of your video and see the results.
  4. Video distribution: Promote your video content on multiple social media channels to reach a wide range of viewers who could be potential customers. Also, optimise your content for mobile viewing because many people now view videos from their mobile phones. 

Video is a great way you can market your products and services. For example, advertise your eyewear products and increase your sales. 


Another digital marketing tip is using newsletters to send emails and encourage your customers to subscribe to your articles. This way, your customers do not go far from you, and you remind them that they are essential to you as much as you are still relevant or that your products and services are still relevant and can be more to them. 

Social media promotion

The fourth tip is social media promotion. Advertising your business on multiple social media channels is a brilliant digital marketing strategy and enables your practice to reach more audiences as possible. Plus, it is cost-effective. 

With these digital marketing tips, you can promote your business online or leave all that to us at Raven Vision, and we will help you promote your practice online because that is what we do. 

To help you understand digital marketing, read ‘The Overview of Digital Marketing. 

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