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Online and store booking are tools used by practice and organizations to manage their business. As well as making bookings, online booking  allows organizations to view real-time data on their business, track their clients online and enforce business policy.

Online and store booking tool involves clients booking online and at the store such as eyewear stores, optical agencies, etc for development of practice and organization. ‘The mission of Booking is to empower people to experience the world. Whatever people want to do, wherever they want to go, they can book it with us’.         – Gillian Tans.

Online booking VS Store Booking: Key differences

Having to book for your practice online has its numerous benefits. Below are five important benefits-
  1. Convenience-
   Clients will appreciate the convenience of being able to browse your services at their own leisure time and without stress. This makes online booking very appealing.  Also, having payment options available directly after making a reservation makes it even more stress free and attractive.
  1. Availability-
A client been able to access your services 24/7 even in the dead of the night, shows how authentic your practice can be. The need for any of your staff to man hotlines or monitor email inboxes all the time, won’t be necessary. The scheduling app will automatically take care of any reservations that come through.
  1. High profits-
A practice services when found online and available 24/7,  tends to have an increase in bookings compared to what the practice used to have. More revenue coupled with the system’s cheap overhead expense equals more profit.
  1. Low cost app expenses
Companies have in the past resisted using online reservation apps due to its price. Due to advanced technology, online booking has been made extremely cheap. Having a website integrated with reservation software comes with significantly lower startup costs compared to setting up a traditional physical location. An online booking portal can be deployed quickly and start accepting reservations right away.

Store booking has a lot of benefits, Below are four important benefits-

  1. In-store promotions
In-store promotions are designed to attract customers and build brand or product awareness. If you’re not physically visiting these stores, it’s easy to may be missing out on temporary discounts on popular services, free giveaways, and the special promotion offers available by completing the survey at the bottom of your receipt and can only be achieved by booking at the store.
  1. No shipping costs-
When you book in-store, there’s no waiting around, you immediately book and there are no shipping costs. For some clients who like to quickly shop eye wear items from their shopping list, it’s appealing to visit the store and leave with your purchase.
  1. Personalized experience-
A friendly and knowledgeable sales personnel, combined with an up-close look at the eye wears, creates a more personal shopping experience. For local and specialized stores, you’re likely to talk to personnel who’s keenly familiar with the products. From eyewear sizes to colors and prices, personnel’s recommendations and expert guidance can be quite helpful.
  1. Increased Economy-
One of the most compelling reasons to visit your nearby stores is the support you give to local businesses. Many shoppers are willing to let go of convenience and savings in exchange for supporting their local community. When you shop local, you’re getting more than just a product. You’re strengthening the local economy system. According to statistics, 51% of consumers prefer to shop online, while 49% would rather go to a store. It’s therefore important as a practice to run both online and store shopping and booking to the convenience of your clients.

As a practice, it is important to provide your client with both online and store booking , in order for your audience ton select to their convenience, which is suitable for them. Having both online and store booking shows to your audience, how trust worthy and big your practice can be to them. online booking and store booking is important to any practice or organization or business.

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