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Customer satisfaction is defined as “the number of customers, or percentage of total customers, whose reported experience with a firm, its products, or its services (ratings) exceeds specified satisfaction goals. There’s a notion that a customer pays everyone in the company, which is quite true.               “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy’                          –   Michael LeBoeuf, Business Author

There are various ways to improve customer satisfaction for your practice to improve, below are five ways-

  1. Follow Up Before, During and After Bookings-

It’s important that in order to satisfy a customer, the practice follows up the customer before the bookings are finalized, during the process of the booking made, after the booking is over. By doing this, the practice is seen as customer friendly and reliable. Therefore, you realize a satisfied customer engages in word of mouth marketing for free for your practice.

    2. Send Emails for Feedback of Services Rendered-

Sending emails for feedback after booking gives the customer, the notion that your practice is been professional and concerned about what him or her thinks of your practice. This can also give your practice a high five-star ratings and reviews, when searched for online. To better understand your customers’ needs, you also need to listen to them, and know what your customers want. By using surveys, you can measure customer satisfaction.

   3. Pay Attention to Complains and Reviews-

Your practice should set up a team to study the reviews and complains,  both positive, negative, and draft out a plan on how to improve them . Paying attention to complains and reviews is one thing, now working and improving your practice for good based on the reviews is another thing.  Always update them on the progress. This lets you keep customer satisfaction levels high.

    4. Run Promotional Discount Sales-

    Every customer appreciates a brand that makes sure they appreciate their customers. Appreciation therefore comes in various forms, one of which is promotional discount sales. For instance, an eyewear costs 1000 dollars, but every last Friday of the month it costs 800 dollars, running 20 to 50 discount promotional sales regularly gives your customers the believe of your practice been considerate. This action therefore satisfies and encourage your customers to trust and patronize your practice regularly.

   5. Study Your Competitor’s Ways of Improving Customer Satisfaction-

    Every  practice have who they look up to as a brand, who they compete with and want to do better than in business. It is therefore important for your practice to  follow up with these brand’s posts, comments, complains and reviews from their customers in order to effect these changes into your brand. In order to do better than your competitors, stay closer and study them regularly. For instance, your competitors sell gold eyewear for 1000 dollars and do their discount at 10% once in a month, making some of the customers complain a lot. Your practice can take advantage and sell the gold eyewear for that same 1000 dollars and discount at 20% thrice a month, customers always go for better offers in their favors. To satisfy a customer will not always be easy, but with the right marketing strategies, your practice can achieve that.

    “A satisfied customer is one who will continue to buy from you, seldom shop around, refer other customers and in general be a superstar advocate for your business.” 

                 – Gregory Ciotti

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