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Brand awareness is the level of recognition on marketing platforms towards your target audience for brand awareness. 

 For your brand to grow with a broad audience, your marketing strategy has to be top-notch. However, there are several marketing platforms to creating brand awareness. Here are essential four marketing platforms to build brand awareness- 


This marketing platform focuses on visibility gain in the search engine. PPC shows up in mostly paid results. Most times, the paid results dominate the search engine page (SERP). By using PPC, you’re sure of a wide range of audiences, thereby consistent brand awareness for your company. Unlike other platforms, your brand can start showing up on page 1 of Google the first day you start running ads. The PPC campaigns give you the power to specify who your ads will reach based on factors like demographics, geography and search behavior. According to the Google PPC platform, its display network reaches 90 per cent of all internet users.


60% of the world’s population are social media. Therefore, it’s a major necessity for the users to visit the various social media platforms at least once a day. According to PEW, majority of the US citizens uses all social media platforms frequently. Social media has become a massive part of people’s lives; you can literarily get any information on anything on social media. As a marketing platform for brand awareness, social media is one of the most important platforms, especially with the audience being majorly youths. While it includes features of sharing content, discounts, services, and promotions from your website to raise brand awareness, it’s incredible that all this can happen for free, except for paid advertisements. The social media platforms include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, YouTube etc., all crucial for brand awareness.  


Seo is better known as how you get your website to show up on Google. It was recorded by Google that there are over 3.5 billion searches every day on the app. Over the years, online search has become our go-to solution for almost every question or problem we have. In cases when your website pops out as the first thing in search of answers for a problem, you get more audience trust and frequency. It’s, therefore, quite a competitive marketing platform that takes time before seeing results. Still, when your website starts popping up as the first during search results using important primary keywords, successful brand awareness is inevitable.


This is another marketing platform and one that usually gets less attention the most than the others on the list. A good PR marketing strategy will earn you great mentions in publications your audience is reading, which both, therefore, increases your company brand awareness. It can also result in essential links that can help boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Today Modern-day PR can also include posts and articles on relevant websites around the web pages. By writing on topics that attract and interest your audiences in well-known publications, you have built an unbreakable trust. Classic content brings about more brand awareness and, therefore, more audience to your brand.

In conclusion, Brand recognition brings about Brand awareness.

Brand awareness forms a connection between your business and your audience’s feelings about your business, but with the right marketing platform in place, everything falls into place for your company. 

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