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 In   every   business   world,   what   your   customers   perceive   your   brand   as,   is   very important.   If   your   customers   perceive   your    business   as    good    or   bad,   it   will    definitely   determine   if   your   brand   grows    or    depreciates  .

                   ”The customer perception is your reality”

                        – Kate Zabriskie.

What is Customer Perception?

Customer Perception according to HubSpot refers to the customer’s opinion of your business or products. It summarizes how customers feel about your brand including every direct or indirect experience they’ve had with your company. By monitoring customer perception, your businesses can spot common user pain points and improve the customer journey. The voice of your customer is crucial to developing an effective marketing strategy, because of their reaction to be gotten. Here are three major reasons why good customer perception is important to your brand-

1. It Brings About More Profits-

In today’s world, customers however spend more time carrying out a review research about a brand,  before making purchases. In situation where by  review of a past client is good, it makes the new clients develop trust and  a good perception of the company. If  customers are put off by the brand because of an advertisement, a personal interaction, or a review, they therefore are less likely to be buying. Good perception brings about good sales.
  1. Wider Brand Awareness-

It’s certain your business could win over new clients via the various standard price, services and promotions available. Customers therefore now expects brands to do their biddings by their lifestyles and needs. Records shows over 70% of customers trust brands, who share the same values and taste with theirs. For instance,  The Subaru brand, they understand their customers’ needs to have an impact on society. The automaker touts its annual “Share the Love Event” to let customers know the company is delivering on its brand promise. In addition, Now the customer perception of your brand as a business that connects with their customers, as well as caring about their needs consistently, therefore brings about customer-bonding and a wider brand awareness.

3. High Employee Morale-

When employees who feel good about the work they do deliver empathy in customer, the job is more done efficiently. If a staff feels appreciated and believes in your company mission,  a positive attitude is seen taking a toll similarly with your customers through interactions and services been rendered. A Happy employee stays longer and therefore brings about more referrals and more clients. A bad employee equals a bad reputation for your brand and therefore a bad customer perception about your brand and services rendered. Managing perceptions is worth the investmen

A good employee morale + A wider brand awareness + A good customer perception all = A high profit, which is good for business investment of your brand.

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