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Tips On YouTube Search Engine Optimisation

Tips On YouTube Search Engine Optimisation

YouTube optimisation is a process of planning and executing the most effective practices for improving search engine results for your videos. Use these tips to boost your videos’ performance.

You can grow your business on YouTube; whether you’ve been using YouTube for a while or you are thinking of how to start, read on.

Use these tips to boost your videos’ performance:

A Perfect Keyword is Key

The SERPs keep turning into world-like. Moreover, many videos need critical potential to bid for the top rank on YouTube. Many beautiful videos may have the potential, but people need to comb for the exact keyword.

Making research on the exact keywords to go for is the first brick to building the success of your video on YouTube. Keyword research tools like Google keyword planner, Google Search, Moz or Semrush are excellent for finding the perfect keywords. Thanks to the geniuses behind these tools for making things easy.

Chip in Your Keyword in the Video Title

By understanding why you are making a specific YouTube video and who your exact target audience is, you are more likely to reach more of those target audiences by adding the keyword to the video title. Your video appears more often in the audience’s search results.

For example, if you make a video displaying a new product review, try and input the product’s name in both the video title and description. You were not getting this step right has led to so many good videos having low clicks and lower rankings on YouTube search results which is not excellent for a good video.

Add Keywords to the Video File

This factor will make your videos obtain high rankings in search results. When uploading any video, YouTube uses the filename to ensure its relevance. So, ensure that the file name contains the target keyword for a better chance of top appearances and more clicks.

Use Google’s Key Moments for Longer Videos

This feature makes it stress-free and faster for your audience or viewers to jump to a particular juncture in your video.

For example, let’s say you make a “How-to” video; you can easily include timestamps to indicate the different parts of your video. When adding timestamps, list them in sequential order (from 0 minutes to last), make sure every timestamp is on a different line and specify the label on the same line.

Optimise Your Video Description

A robust and optimised video description is essential for YouTube SEO ranking. YouTube reexamines a video anytime an update or change is made to its segments. Therefore, changing the definition, subtitles, and thumbnails could improve your video. This is why you should avoid making a mistake the first time.

Fit in your primary keywords in the first few sentences of the description and the entire. Take note that the definition should be at most 200 words. So make it short but detailed. Also, the overview should be in spoken language that can be understood, not just keywords. Furthermore, select two words that best describe the video and noticeably use them in both the description and video title.

Include Hashtags for Better YouTube Search Results

Hashtags are among the best features of social media. A lot of individuals search for content on social media through hashtags. Therefore, counting hashtags in your video description will make viewers glimpse your video whenever they explore that specific hashtag.

Hashtags are fun; they boost trends and make them more visible. As for YouTube, the best place to add hashtags is in the description. Once added, the hashtags will be displayed right above the video title, and they can be clicked like a hyperlink.

Categorise Your Videos

Categorising your videos uplift your ranking. Google uses categories to display videos that match the search purpose; users can see your YouTube video when they choose a similar type. There are numerous choices to select from; sure, you should be able to find one that fits your video. So, when uploading any video, it is essential to categorise it for a better opportunity for more user clicks.

Thumbnail Images Matters

With a glimpse of an eye at a thumbnail image, a viewer may decide to click your video or go, “Nah… never mind”. They are among the first steps in grabbing viewers’ attention in search results. So, they can lead to more watch time, and they can lead to the opposite.

Consider what your video is all about, and pick a thumbnail image that will suit every viewer to click your video without any second thoughts. Moreover, going for a custom thumbnail is the perfect option to appear more professional; a customised thumbnail displays what the video is all about or what viewers will gain from watching your video.

Chip in Closed Caption and Subtitles

Another excellent option for the success of a YouTube video. Only some of your words may be clear to your viewers due to accent and other video language reasons, but with a good caption, they can read through your video.

Others may even be deaf or unable to hear the audio, but with closed caption, your video will also be friendly to them. Both are like transcripts and are highly beneficial because they could act as a blog to search engines.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, so it is essential to optimise your videos for the YouTube search engine. It would be best to consider several factors, such as keywords, titles, descriptions, and tags. Our digital marketing experts can help you optimise your videos to generate traffic for your business. So get started with Raven Vision today!

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